• 26 square meters
• 1.52m*1.88m (one large bed)
• Free Wi-Fi
• 40 inch digital TV
• Personal balcony
• Office area
• High quality shower gel and shampoo

NT$1,980 Pricing / nightly


  • Price Info 4,980元 / Friday2,280元/Saturday3,680元 / Weekday1,980元
  • Room Info a suite for 2 peron
  • Extra bed offer $400
  • Room facilities Double bed,Private bathroom,Toilet utensils,hair dryer,refrigerator,Tea machine,Public drinking fountains,air conditioner,The fourth station,LCD TV,Free WIFI,Network line,Luggage deposit,elevator,Clothes Hanger,Paper slippers,Digital channel,electric water boiler,tea/coffee,Mugs,Big towel,small towel,balcony,Tables and chairs
  • Remittance Info SWIFT Code: 812 ,Account Number:20070100008402 ,Bank:台新銀行台中分行 ,Name:宇祥不動產有限公司
    Please make sure to remit the account after booking within 24 hrs. We will not make the reservation for you unless you complete the remittance on time.

Living Rules

1. Please check in after 3pm and check out at 11am another day.
2. Please bring your personal identification on the check in day.
3. Do not smoke in the hotel.
4. No pet and animal inside.
5. Please keep the room tidy and clean. You should make sure to maintain all the facilities and equipment for integrity, otherwise, you have to pay all of the compensation.
6. Please inform the staff if you have infectious disease.
7. Please be quite.
8. We do offer free Wi-Fi for each room.
9. Please do not bring out the stuff and utensils out of the hotel (excluding toiletries, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, tooth brush, toothpaste, and hair brush).
10. Please take care of your belonging, the loss of your belonging will be your own responsibility
11. Please return your room card when you check out.

Booking Rules

1. Weekday check-in time: 15:00
Check out time (check out): before 11:00
Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday
Small weekend: Friday
Weekend: Saturday, consecutive holidays
Wang Day: New Year, winter vacation, Jazz Festival
2. In the event of accommodation on the day of typhoons, earthquakes and other irresistible factors (as promulgated by the central county seat of the government as the criteria for the decision), can be ordered to postpone or cancel.
3. It is forbidden to bring pets into the room, the indoor area is completely non-smoking.
4. Check-in time: 15:00 pm, check-out time: 11:00 am
5. Own parking, no guarantee spaces.
6. Free Wifi / Saloon / Surrogate Taxi / Electronic Surveillance Baggage Storage / Barrier-free Toilets / Caowu Daowu Chuangshang Tourism Planning / Freezing Storage.
7. There is no extra bed service in our restaurant, children under 6 years old use existing bed for free.
8. Our special rates apply only to the official website and telephone booking reservations, special holidays, such as: holidays, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year ... and so on, according to the official notice, the museum enjoys the most
Final price explanation!
9. Credit card services: accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, China Travel Card, UnionPay cards.
10. According to the laws and regulations of Taiwan, Green Night Travel is strictly non-smoking throughout the hotel, including guest rooms and all public areas. If smoking in the room, need to pay one more day room rate (according to the official website pricing),
In addition to the room odor purification project.
Pictures for reference only, subject to the actual housing type.
11. To provide travelers with quality accommodation and tranquility, no pets are permitted in the entire property. NT $ 5000 environmental cleaning fee will be charged upon detection of any breach of the regulations, as a result of which
Prepare damage or affect the rights of other tenants, will be a separate offer compensation; the hotel has the right to refuse check-in and confiscate the deposit, your inconvenience please forgive me.
Homunculus, drug abuse, alcohol and other illegal activities, found that the alarm, the museum has the right to refuse check-in.
12. The official website price only provides the official website to use the price, do not use the remaining booking platform reservation,As invalid booking.


1. When customers go out, please turn off the appliances in the room for safety. If friends and relatives visit, be sure to contact the counter.
2 is strictly prohibited in the hotel smoking drugs and improper entertainment.
3. The hotel refused to pet, if the unauthorized pet owners, the hotel has the right to request customers unconditional check-out, does not refund any deposit. Dogs approved by the Guide Dog Association are excluded from this rule provided that they have to be informed in advance about the staff at this counter.

Deferment and refund instructions

Booking Cancel Reservation Charge Rate:
★ On the day of traveler's stay, cancel the reservation and deposit the deposit amount 100%.
★ travelers in the 1-2 days prior to the date of stay cancel the booking deduction price deposit 70% deposit amount.
★ The passenger cancels the reservation within 3 to 6 days prior to the stay. The deposit amount is 50% of the prepaid deposit amount.
★ 7 days prior to arrival on the 7th (including) cancel the reservation is not deducted the room price prepaid deposit amount.